I’ve been waiting to do this countdown for almost three years!  It took a me awhile to find 24 colorful and Christmasy Pez candy dispensers to it happen.  I found most of these at antique shops and yards sales, some as cheap as nickel!!  I did pay a dollar for one… but it was a Snoopy vintage and I couldn’t resist!

Our Advent theme this year is called the Adverbs of Advent.   I love the idea of celebrating the HOW, WHERE and WHEN of Christmas.  Tucked inside each candy dispenser is a mini scroll with our ADVERB-of-the-day and bible verse.   I used The Adverbs of Advent: Daily Devotions for Children and Their Families by David Mead.  If you are interested in an Adverbs Advent I just did a quick google search and found this calendar from Waterman United Methodist Church.

For my personal advent meditation and prayer time I’m really thrilled to be using Henri J.M. Nouwen’s reflections, “Jesus Beloved Son.”  Nouwen is a new favorite of mine and I can’t wait to get started.

It would probably be too cheesy for me to say

“PEZ on earth, goodwill toward men,” wouldn’t it?!!  

Okay I won’t! But I hope you have a WONDERFUL Advent season!