Today we left for the grocery store and we ended up at a cemetery.

It was a beautiful cemetery.

We talked about death, heaven and God.

They asked me lots of questions.

“Will that squirrel go to heaven too?”

“Who is this??”  (at least 25 times.)

“Why did they die?”

“What is cremation?”

Sometimes I feel like I know just what to say.  Most of the time, I haven’t a clue.

“My dear children, I don’t know, but God does.”

“See these leaves are dying.  Look how beautiful they are.  Dying is okay.  Dying is part of this journey.  Dying might just feel a lot like this leaf as it floats gently to the ground.” (My dad taught me this when I was their age.)

“It’s okay to feel sad here.  It’s okay to enjoy God’s beauty too.  You know what we can do?  We can pray for the families who have lost their loved ones.  We can pray that God’s grace, warmth and love comforts them when they get sad.”  (Pictures 1 & 6)

Their innocence is a beautiful form of prayer for me.

I’m thankful that we took a detour today.