Box-o-Raisins  [2010]

Some favorites—  1. Zoo Keeper & Pet Gorilla   2. Alligator & Mouse (goodwill finds)   3. UPS Driver   4. Kitty   5. Clown holding a bouquet of balloons (Blaise is in the balloons!)   6. Ball Park Vendor (the best part about this costume is the trick ketchup!!!  Seriously FUN!)  7. Snuggle Fabric Softener & Washer  8. Bob Ross  (Quite possibly my favorite of all time.  Most people didn’t get our humor, but this one still makes me laugh.  His treat collector was a bag with a framed painting.)


Snuggle the Bear! [2011]  Emerson’s treat collector was the bottle of fabric softener— it popped open to collect candy…. hehehhehe…

I’m just finishing up our costumes for this year.  We are going with a group theme.  Here is a hint—  I was inspired by the movie, The Breakfast Club.  Any guesses!? :)

Can’t wait to see all YOUR costumes!!