This is a meditation inspired by Psalm 72

from one of my very favorite books

God is Here, Let’s Celebrate.

“Help us, O God, to become what You

have destined and empowered us to become.”

“Where there is darkness,

may we become the rays of Your sun

that banish the gloom of lonely lives.”

“Where there is drought,

let us be like fresh flowers

that turn barren deserts into green meadows.”

“Where there is ugliness and distortion,

enable us to portray the beauty and order

of Your will and purposes.”

“Great God, you are in our world.

Your majesty is reflected

in Your creation about us.”

“May we hear Your voice of concern and feel your loving touch

through Your servants who are in this world.”

“The glory is Yours, O God,

and we shall praise Your name

and celebrate Your cause together.”

Leslie Brandt