One of Blaise’s birthday requests was to go on leaf hunt.

Today we did just that.

Four year old birthday wishes are pretty cool.

Frankie thought leaf huntin’ was about as fun as anything in the universe.  But her leaf munching got out of control so she spent most of time in her sling.

The other day I pulled my car over and stopped to stare at the changing leaves.  Shortly after I stopped a police officer drove by and asked if I was alright.  “Yes, I’m fine! I’m just sitting here looking at the leaves.”   I’m sure he thought I was little bit crazy.  The truth is I am crazy.  I am crazy in love with this season.  I can’t get over the beauty of God’s canvas.  I’m wild about these moments.  I think every single leaf is a miracle.  (Have you ever really looked, I mean REALLY looked at a leaf??).  I am cuckcoo over Autumn colors.

I am crazy that I don’t stop and marvel at the leaves more often.

On the way home from our huntin’ we spotted a little family of Billy goats.  A surprise bonus birthday treat!   We stopped for a visit and fed them some fresh leaves.

I’m so glad I have photography in my life.  I surely cannot put words to what is in my heart in regards to all this.

 Every leaf a love note from God.

Love and blessings to you!!!