The Back-to-School Check List!  

Signage for BTS photos- check!

2nd Grade pic- check!

Kindergartner pic— check!

Preschooler pic– check!

 Hot Diggity Dog (you can’t really see but there is hotdog on his tee) this little man is starting school too.  He will only go twice a week for a couple hours each day, but it’s still SCHOOL!

Lunches & Lunch Money– check!

Out the door on time– check!

Picture of the BIG MOMENT– check! (Can you hear my heart about to burst with happiness, excitement, sadness, and love here?)

No picture of her getting off the bus!!  We had bit of a mishap.  When the bus pulled up for drop off she didn’t get off!  She was on the wrong bus!?  The driver radioed in and they found her almost immediately. She even told me one of her favorite things was the BUS RIDE!

First Day of school yogurt treats- check!

ohh and I can’t forget the happy-first-day-after-school-goodies-surprise– CHECK!

We are slowly getting into our school groove.

Hope your back to school adventures are going GREAT!