we chalked

we horsed around

  WE… snuggled, played, admired baby rolls, goofed-off, posed for pictures, spent time in the garden, celebrated, smiled, skipped with balloons, made art in the parking lot, walked to the candy store, wore cute shoes…

we became superheros

we played salon (notice the bangs)

 WE… went for evening strolls, enjoyed books, acted silly, made art, danced in victory, posed for more pictures, ran around in the rain, explored, sipped, picnicked, skated and got into lots of things

we tried our very first (banana split)

we grooved with Pete

we day-tripped

WE… dreamed, admired, played in the crib (but did not sleep in the crib!), dazzled, shared treats, made messes (lots and lots and lots of messes), had fun, learned to drive, got cuts, played golf, drank unique refreshments, enjoyed papa

we anticipated

we licked lots of ice cream cones

and THAT was our summer.

I hope your summer was filled with lots and lots of simple things that made you smile!!