Most of my daily Frankie shots look like this–

and when I get lucky, I get a shot like this—

and this–

Baby Bits & Bobs

–In one day we went from waking 7 times a night to sleeping 10-12 per night!  My friend Sherri gave me incredible tips and I used The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep:  Simple Solutions for Kids from Birth to 5 Years by Harvey Karp.  Having “rumbly” (like rain) white noise and a pitch dark room make a huge difference!

–Mama’s milk and solids now.  Tonight she devoured one of those squeezable pouches of zucchini, banana and amaranth.

–No teeth yet!

–She like to hunt on the ground for anything teeny tiny to put into her mouth.  oh my!

–Her favorite thing is a nightly stroll with the kids.