This is the draft notification I left in Mason’s room the night before boot camp.  He showed up, dressed in a suit and tie, at 0700 sharp the next morning.  I didn’t think he would take the 7am thing seriously!!  Even though Frankie doesn’t typically fall asleep until 1 or 2AM, there was no way I could turn down his enthusiasm.  Next year boot camp starts at 0900!  :)

Camouflage Training was a big hit.  I even let them camo me up (here on IG)!  That stuff is sure sticky on a 107 degree day!

[Paint Patrol Soldiers]

Paint-chip craft idea via my wonderfully creative and mega talented friend at Love & Lollipops!  Her paint chip robots are too adorable for words!

I have some funny grenade shots I’m hoping to share with you later!

1.  Our basement was transformed into Fort Smiley for a week!   (okay- more than 7 days if you count the fact that I haven’t cleaned up yet!)  2.  The streamers in the background were for jungle training.  The recruits had to navigate missions while blindfolded.  3.  Ready-Aim-Squirt to erase the chalk board  4.  Boot Camp Journal  5.  Search & Find  6.  Private Frankie  7. The Range  8.  Soldier craft idea via Top Teacher h/t Pinterest.

[Soldier Math]

[Newest Recruit]

[Army Snack Mat]

[Tissue Paper BDUs]

Time for PT!!

Have you ever wondered what’s in a MRE (Meal, Ready-to-Eat)?  We sampled a breakfast and main course MRE.  The kiddos, of course, thought the food was appalling, but they loved the “oven!”  If your kids have never tried one of these it is a MUST DO!

[Army Search & Find Vocab]

Over and Out!!