I still have cotton-candy on my fingers from our trip to the fair this evening!

The fair is my very VERY favorite summer thing.

I don’t need Disney trip or a fancy vacation.  As long as we get a trip to the fair, I’m good!  The kiddos kinda like to too.  :)

Here they are watching the “Ring of Fire” ride.  They were so mesmerized.  Mason is now tall enough to ride the adult rides!!  Maybe I need to bring him back without the littles so we can stay all night and try out ALL the BIG rides!

Fresh Squeezed, Extra Sweet!  AT 96 degrees this is quite possibly the best drink in the universe!!

1.  I never leave the fair without taking this shot  2.  and this shot   3.  it was hot hot hot today   4.  Blaise’s favorite ride   5.  This is why you can only do the fair once a year– A cinnamon roll for dinner!  look at all that frosting!   6.  they melt my heart   7.  oh ya, and we had nachos for dinner too!   8.  dirty birdies!

First time on the bumper cars!

Surprisingly we made it until DARK!  I didn’t think we could take the heat, but we did.

I sure do love fair lights at dusk.  One of these days I’m going to bring my tripod and get a good carousel picture.  For now it’s all I can do to make it with four kids and a camera.