The question of the day is…

are you on Instagram yet?!

I’ve only recently discovered this craze and I love it. Really really love it.  For the longest time, because of the logo, I thought Instagram was a Poloriod sharing site!?  I’m so slow at all this kind of stuff.  For those of you who, like me, are a couple steps behind the rest of the social networking world, Instagram is like twitter with pictures.  It is a photo sharing program where you can quickly (within seconds) snap, edit and share pics from your iPhone (or Droid).

What I love most about Instagram is that it acts like a virtual mini scrapbook; it is about celebrating the little things.  Instagram has already inspired me to search for more “behind-the-scenes” magical moments.  I am so tickled to now have a home for archiving the simple, ordinary moments my heart longs to remember.  

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or you can find me via my username: “katherinemaries

I can hardly wait to have enough pictures to print!!  These tiny boxes might need to be what I try first!  Or perhaps I need teeny tiny tiles?  So many options!