It’s that time of year again.  Construction workers everywhere!

[Dump Truck Collage]

[Construction Math Workshop]

Lunch is Served!!  The kiddos crushed (hammered) chocolate cookies to make dirt.

1.  Tuff Tools– I used a sharpie and dollar store tape measures to make math and writing games   2.  Painting with Trucks   3.  Construction Workers   4.  Hammer Time   5.  Messy Play   6.  The Crew

Construction Obstacle Course Cards:  Jump like a jack-hammer, Run backwards like a backhoe loader,  Skip like a skip-loader... etc

Those construction signs are HUGE up-close!

I always think of Kit Kats when I think of construction workers.  Remember that old commercial “Gimme a Break” with the guys in yellow hats?

A sensory experience with cake mix (aka dirt)!

CAUTION: Mess Ahead!

[Kissable Construction Worker]

 Of course we also put her in a toy dump truck which she thought was incredibly funny.

 Tool belt printable via Brilliant Beginnings Preschool  (We even made a tiny tool belt small enough to fit Frankie.)

[Field Trip to Home Depot]

[Construction Play Mat]

[Play Mat in Action]

Have a GREAT day!  Don’t WORK too hard!