Coupon for infinity pictures!!  Mason said that I can redeem it for a full day of unlimited photo taking! whoo hooo!

First Mom’s Day with FIVE!

Almost!  Almost!!!  I’ve never been able to get more than two kids to look at me for a photo, but I still love this one.

No gift can top handmade cards and kisses, but I was pretty tickled to get an IPHONE on Sunday!!!  I’ve been dying for one for ONE reason and ONE reason only–INSTAGRAM.  I haven’t completely figured out how to navigate Instagram yet, but it sure is easy to snap and edit pics.

Mom’s Day Treats:  1. kisses  2. meringues & a poem   3. sushi for dinner   4. naps   5. coupons   6. movie night–Muppets   7. handmade card (+ gift certificate)  8. favorite drink   9. lots of frosting   10.  Artful Blogging at B&N   11. trip to the book store   12. K’s card (all pics via iphone 5-13-12)

I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend!!!