Super Silly Spring Break Science!

Color Explosions!  So easy and fun… via Pinterest

Links to Projects:  1.  Elephant’s Toothpaste:  Science Bob   2.  Sink or Float Science:  Children’s Science Experiments    3.  Soda Pop Rockets:  Steve Spangler Science   4.  Dancing macaroni:  Steve Spangler Science   5.  Play Dough Volcanoes:  Make and Takes   6.  Candy Experiments    7.  Naked Eggs: Science Sparks   8.  Terrific Tornadoes:  Cool Science Projects   9.  Magnet Painting: Rockabye Butterfly  10.  Mad Scientist Mason’s Pick- Silly Putty Science:  The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions by J. and D. Thomas

Emerson’s Laboratory

Sink vs Float

This was supposed to be a lava lamp!  We used olive oil instead of cooking oil– didn’t work!

Perhaps the most famous scientist (physicist) of all time?  (h/t  Family Fun)

Gooey Gross Science!  We do this a couple times a year at least (Recipe)!

The Mad Scientist puts on a show!

Ingredients for “Elephant’s Toothpaste” and “Dancing Macaroni”

Mason’s favorite Experiment

Volcano Cups

Test Tube Vocab Match

You know I had to do it!  hehehehe…

We still want to try:

 Fizzy Explosion Bags via All Beautiful Things

Baked Ice-Cream via Hooked on Science

Film Canister Rockets via KBears Science  (maybe for 4th of July?!)