Eastery tidbits…

Every year I think about sending out Easter cards.  Never quite happens!  Maybe next year?

I started a new vintage Easter card collection.

Just what I need… another collection! :) I blame this on my dad– he is the master of all collectors.  When I was a baby he owned an antique shop named the Collectors Nook.  So it’s all his fault!

Waiting in line for THE BIG HUNT!  4,000 + eggs!!!

There he is in the middle!

Peeps with glasses!  For the first time in history Peeps didn’t taste that good to me. I’ve been off sugar for several weeks so maybe I’m a new woman.  I still ate a ton this weekend.

Frankie helping me fill eggs.

Hiding eggs last night!!  Since he doesn’t like me taking his picture I was pretending to take a picture of the trees.  I need a 85 1.4 so I can be sneaky and get good far-a-way-shots!

What??? I can’t hear you!

Easter Bits & Bobs:

-Randy and Mason were baptized today!  It was beautiful service and I’m so happy for them.  An Easter to remember!!

-We had one of those Honey Baked Hams for dinner tonight… boy oh boy those are scrumptious.

-My house looks like the inside of giant Easter egg bomb.

-I get a little blue after Easter because my next favorite holiday is so far away!  Can you guess what it is?

-Next year I’d like to re-read The Christ of Easter, Readings for the Season of Resurrection by Calvin Miller.

I hope you had a WONDERFUL DAY!

 May the miracle of EASTER live in your heart today and always!!!