Each year, as winter comes to a close, we bring out our BOX of RAINBOW FUN!  I save stuff from year to year and add a couple new activities each year to keep it fun and fresh.  This is my favorite time to talk about God’s promises, work on color recognition and to experiment with messy color mixing.


Blue and yellow make GREEN!

[Rainbow Thumbprint Prayer Cards]

[Name Practice Rainbow]

[Rainbow Word Board]

I made this last year with a canvas art board, colorful card stock strips and modge-podge.  The letters are from old restaurant signage.   This board is perfect for spelling practice and letter recognition.

[Paint Chip Puppets] Circa 2011

[Altoid Tin Colors] Circa 2010

[Rainbow Art Buffet]  This is my favorite thing pre-spring activity.  Free art fun!

Tricky Tricky!  TRY IT!  It’s harder than it looks!

[Roll a Rainbow]  Circa 2011  This classic game is always a big hit.  I make at least one ROLL-A-______ game each season.

[Write a Rainbow]  Circa 2011

[Rainbow Math]  Circa 2011

Color mixing doesn’t always go as planned!  (2011)

Wishing you a wonderful day!