In the blink of an eye we went from this…

and this…

to this…

In a matter of days we went from 30 degrees to high 60s.

Spring is upon us.

I’m not ready to kiss my favorite season goodbye yet!!

I already miss

cozy winter gloves,

snow kissed cheeks,

hot cocoa in front of the fire (we only did that once this year)


our sweet days of cuddling and crafting inside while the snow swirls outside.

I guess it’s time for new adventures!

The above photo reminds me that I’m enjoying my highly “flawed” photographs more and morEthese days.  I think the imperfections of images like these speak to me in a way that my other images don’t.  I love the energy and craziness.  My life is chaotic and messy so that makes a lot of sense!  I also think I can appreciate the “flaws” more because, for the first time in my life, I’m feeling moments of being “comfortable in my own skin.”  These moments are still rare, but once in a while, I am able to stand with my head tall and my heart full of love and by the grace of God, really feel okay being me—the highly flawed, imperfect, loving me!

Today marked our very first trip to the park in 2012.

 Frankie’s first trip to the park EVER!!

I’m getting used to taking photograph with a wee one in my arms again.

The crisp, sunny air felt so lovely.

I hope these sunny (or whatever season you are transitioning into) days bring you loads of happy smiles.

Much love to you!