I thought I would start a new blog tradition.  Each Tuesday I’ll share a short reading that has touched my heart.  I hope you’ll feel encouraged and uplifted.  Today’s reading is brought to you by Frankie!!

Humility is not so much about trying to be “good” as accepting that I am imperfect.  For too long I thought that humility was “keeping the peace,” appearing to be “perfect”, bottling up my anger and resentments—living a life of “people-pleasing.”

Today I understand that humility is being real.  It is accepting my humanity and being honest in my relationships.  Humility is respecting the lives of others but also respecting my own.  Humility is seeking to reveal that divinity that God has given to my life.  Humility is knowing that in the lives of my fellow man– the good and the bad— is me.

Father Leo Booth: Say Yes To Life, Page 46