Happy Valentine’s Day!!! 

We had an extraordinarily simple day.  Nothing extravagant.  Nothing too fancy fancy.

(Except for some pretty wild hair styles!)


Every time I balanced the bow on her head she would shake her arms and kick her chunky legs– get that thing off me!!!

Emerson sure loves to be fancy fancy.  Her style philosophy is– the more accessories the better.  I just couldn’t help but giggle when she surprised me with this ensemble.

I just treasure this time with her.

Tickles and hearts for Blaisey.  Poor fella has been sick with a terrible cold.  He was still well enough to enjoy a small box of chocolates.

and I leave you this Valentine’s Day with a meditation that brings me so much comfort and joy.

But, God, You have surrounded me with Your love.

You envelop me with concern

and undergird me with grace.

When I reach out for You,

you are close enough to hear and to respond.

Whether I am awake or asleep,

you are near to me and will watch over me.

 I do not have to be afraid

of these problems that assail me.

The conflicts of my life

will not separate me from You.

(Leslie Brandt, God is Here: Let’s Celebrate, Page 9)