and I can’t help it!  Every little Valentine makes me heart swell.

Emerson left for preschool this morning and came home two hours later with the most precious Valentines from her classmates.  Even the simple store bought ones make me smile.  She said these three were her very favorite.

I need S’more friends like you via Domesticated Lady HERE!

 You make my heart GLOW via The Teacher Wife HERE!    

Even hand colored printables makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.  Preschool is such a magical time.  Who needs diamonds when you have handmade delights like these!

This is what we made to to collect her Valentine treats.  (3 minutes + empty cereal box + duct tape)

I’m putting this tray out this afternoon– we still have ten more Valentines to get our goal of 50 for the retirement home.  Tomorrow we are going to have a Valentine’s day tea-party for lunch, hand out our creations to the seniors, and then read our family love notes at dinner!

Hope you are enjoying simple and fun preparations for a sensational Valentine’s Day tomorrow!!