This afternoon Frankie and I devoured the most recent edition of ARTFUL BLOGGING.  Heartfelt reflections on “finding your voice” and “living your passion” + the most stunning pictures make for the most perfect nap time reading!  If you are a blogger and haven’t yet browsed a copy of this publication… DO IT!  You can find a recent copy at Barnes and Noble.  I promise you’ll be completely revived for why we do what we do.  :)

baby toes + this magazine = pure delight!

I’m not accomplishing much these days.  These chubby chubby cheeks just keep calling my name!  I want to pinch-squeeze-nuzzle-kiss them all day long.  I did pull myself away from her cheeks for long enough to finish her baby announements!!! I’ll share those with you next week.

 Hope you are finding lots of lovely things to distract and delight you.

God bless YOU and YOURS!