Classic Animal-tines!  The Zookeeper is my favorite. [Circa 2011]

Whoooo Loves YOU??  [Circa 2011]

Teeny Tiny Top Secret Valentines! [Circa 2009]

Happy Valentine’s Day to EWE!  Idea via [HERE!]

Hogs and Kisses!  [Circa 2010]

“Justin Time”  [Circa 2011]

My Heart Melts for You! OR Here’s the scoop Valentine— You are COOL!  Idea via [HERE!]

Sound the Alarm– You are the BEST Teacher Around! [Circa 2011]

Mason’s pick!  “Vintage” (1980s) Hallmark Charlie Brown SCENTED Valentines.  I love that they were sealed in their original package and they still had their scent.

 Scrap Valentines

Happy Heart Brownies [Circa 2011]

It’s okay to be CHEESY and a little bit kooky on Valentine’s Day!  (and EVERYDAY!)