[Weekly Bit & Bobs]

…I adore Mason’s new orange, blue and green smile.

…Frankie’s colic is getting BETTER!  A sweet friend recommended this sleeper for her and it has made a colossal difference.

…My oldest “baby” is sixteen!!  SIXTEEN!  16!!  It’s bittersweet.  I’m sure you’ve noticed he doesn’t like to make blog appearances… but I’m hoping I can convince him to do a birthday photo shoot for me someday soon.

…I’ve been working on thank you notes!  I’m behind.  Hope you know how much I love and appreciate the special gifts you’ve sent along.

…I took my girls (I have TWO now!) out antiquing today.  I bought a library style file cabinet. It’s REALLY ugly and I REALLY love it.  I can’t wait to fill it with art supplies!

…I want to make everything on my Valentine’s pin board.  EVERYTHING!  It’s not happening, but it’s fun to dream.

…I love this quote from Isaac Bashevis Singer… “Life is God’s novel.  Let Him write it.”