Frankie helped me order room service every day!  How can you beat breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed?

Here she is in front of the menu.

She didn’t get around to wearing her hospital outfits.

Too tired to help me fill out all the paper work!

“I’m a GIRL” card from her hospital bassinet.

Don’t even think about leaving a photographer alone with a sleeping baby in a hospital room for three days!    I had an absolute ball in hospital.  After such a scary delivery, I savored and enjoyed all the quiet moments alone with Frankie.  The nursing staff was out-of-this world exceptional.  I’m hoping to send them a great big THANK YOU BOX once I can put something special together.

1.  In my lap  2.  Newspaper for the day after she was born   3.  My birthing basket   4.  Sleepy head!

Frankie’s birthday was a hard, yet beautiful day.  We moved from the birthing center to the hospital for an emergency c-section because I suffered from an ovarian torsion and placental abruption.  The pain was unreal. I am forever thankful that God orchestrated my labor and delivery so beautifully– Frankie is healthy!!  I am recovering!!  I will always remember her birthday as a miracle.  I never want to forget the hand of our amazing God in all of these moments. 

 Thank you all for your loving prayers and wishes!