This is such a glorious time of the year!  Thankful hearts and gratitude ALL AROUND!!!  We aren’t taking on many new Thanksgiving Day projects around here, but you can bet the kids are eager to pull out some of our favorite oldies this week.  Mason had the Turkey Dice Game out the day after Halloween.

Here is a little collection of some of our favorite Turkey treats and games!  More crafty projects from last year: HERE!

Apple Turkey Treat  Idea Via Little Page Turners

Turkey Color Bingo  Ida Via HERE!

Gobble Breakfast Idea Via Family Fun Magazine

Turkey Roll  Kiddo Dessert & Math game all in ONE!

Kiddo Made Cupcakes  Idea via Pillsbury

Kid’s Table  Each bag has ink pads, stamps and art supplies to decorate the table.  Idea via Sweet Paul!

 Preschool Projects  Circa 2009

Race to FILL YOUR PLATE game!  Each card has a food item or special instruction (pick your favorite dish, select a food item from another player, etc).  First one to have a full Thanksgiving plate of food wins!

Wishing you many blessings this week before THANKSGIVING!