Since I started blogging the motto I have tried to live by is…


There are so many photographs that fall into the “need to take” or feel “obligated to take”  catogory. I’ve come to a place where I have stopped taking those pictures.  I want to focus on the JOY behind the image as much as the final result.

Ansel Adams once said, “A good photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels.”

It sure feels good to enjoy the simple joys of FALL.

 It sure feels good to be imperfect, loved, and free to take whatever pictures makes me smile!

 It sure feels good to live and photograph a world in which I get to see God’s miracles unfold daily.

This was her first taste of snow in 2011.  Happiness!

 The last colors of FALL!  Happiness!

I’m so thankful God has allowed me to express a small slice of my happiness here, with you.

Wishing you mountains of HAPPY pictures!