Gender predictions!!!

Three votes for GIRL!  Two votes for BOY!  I couldn’t vote because I HAD to take an early peek!

[Babies in Blankies] 

Craft idea via Maize Hutton on Flickr.  Her little chorus line dolls are unbelievably adorable.  Emerson loved coloring in the hair!

[Baby Bottle Search]

We celebrated one night with a few bottle games (number search, guess how many buttons in the bottle, etc…) and then had a mystery baby food guessing contest.

[The Nursery]

Mason and I made Altiod tin cribs and wooden babes for Emerson’s special “baby gift.”

[Baby Puppets]

Yarn + Recycled Plastic Spoons + Paint + Dazzle


[Boy VS Girl Craft]

[Baby Snacks]

Cheesecake pudding snacks via these adorable cupcakes on Pinterest!


Mason says he will change poopy diapers!  Emerson said nope to diaper duty.  These are going in the baby “book!”

Three cheers for sleeping babes!

Blaise is pretty convinced that he is getting a little sis.