Less than one month until my due date!!!


On Monday my midwife said that I will be considered “full term” on November 18th and I’m not even close to feeling READY!! This week we’ve been focusing our activities on preparing and celebrating BABY-TO-BE!!

Unwrap the blanket to reveal the BABY NAME…

I thought it would be fun to reveal the top baby name ideas to the kiddos and let them vote on their favorites.  Earlier this week at dinner had the BIG REVEAL and VOTE!  We have some top contenders now.  No decisions as of yet!  Of course mommy and daddio have get a bit more voting power, but I think the kids enjoy feeling part of the decision making process.

I know I should be focusing on more important things– LIKE packing my bags for the birthing center… but won’t these make a cute keepsake?  The baby will always have a reminder of what his/her name MIGHT HAVE BEEN.  See those tiny SNOW FLAKES?  IT started SNOWING yesterday when I was taking pics.