Two years ago this month… my little lady was born. This is what I created for her:


Naturally, I couldn’t decided on just one design so I had two versions. Both included a little keepsake; this foldable bookmark wrapped in delicate pink (or was it peach?) ribbon!!


My first version was a wide format style card. Wide format means it’s 7 inches long when closed– but features a whopping 14 inches of printable space inside when opened!


The second design was an accordion style card… each panel featured my fav photos and quotes.

There is only the miracle of the this moment.  Savor it.  It is a gift.

All the graphics were from the amazing graphic artist and photographer Jamie Schultz.  Now I’ll see if I can find Mason and Krischan’s!   My this is fun walking down memory lane. I’m really feeling nostalgic now.