9 ridiculously cheesy (and absolutely unnecessary!) things I can’t live without on HALLOWEEN!!!

1.  My Favorite Vintage Trick-or -Treat Cookie Cutters


2.  Silly Glow in the Dark Tees


3.  Halloween Hand Soap & Trick or Treat Tissues


4.  Spiders, Pumpkins and Tutus


 5.  Cheesey Puff Jack-o-Lantern Treats (idea via Pinterest)


6.  Face Painting Parties & Carmel Apple Wraps


7.  Annual Cow Train Rides


8.  Pesky Little Monster Brothers


9.  and last but NOT least… these

Boo-tiful undies!  heheheheh!

  My littles are all tucked into bed after a festive night.  I feel like I’m going to POP from a serious candy overload!!  Tomorrow I’m going to start packing away all these decorations.  Won’t be long and we wil start preparing for YOU KNOW WHAT (starts with a C and ends with an S)!

 I hope you had a marvelous and safe evening!