I haven’t given you 52 Smiles folks a monthly challenge for awhile now! ‘BOUT time I get it together around here!!  Fall is such a fun time to whip up quick and easy KINDNESS activities.


1.  Leave mini pumpkins with cheery notes around town!  How fun it would be to find a pumpkin with a note on a stack of newspapers, in a shopping cart left in parking lot, on a park bench…   You can tie a sweet note with a bow or use a sharpie and write directly on the pumpkin (above).

2.  Reverse Trick or Treating!  Contact a local nursing home, hospital or recreation center and ask permission to “trick-or-treat” in reverse.  Kiddos can dress up in their fall costumes and hand out CANDY!  You could also use non-edible treats if candy is a concern (ie. at the hospital).  Another idea for REVERSE TRICK-or-TREATING is to GIVE each household something nice when you are out on the 31st!  Perhaps a pencil & note, artist trading card sized artwork from kids, or ??  I’m still brainstorming that one.

3.  Pumpkin Patch Love!  Visit a local pumpkin patch and purchase some pretty pumpkins, gords or mums for someone who visits after you.  OR if it is chilly you might offer to bring hot cocoa, coffee or spiced cider to the employees who are working outside at the pumpkin patch.

**If you are new here, 52 Smiles is a year long project were we intentionally do one out-of-the-ordinary act of kindness each week for one full year. You can find out more about this project HERE!**