[Monster Slime]  Four boxes of lime jello!  Another fun version we did last year: Frankie’s Goo Here!

[Scrap Monsters]

[Monster Coin Munch]


1.  Monster Cheese Head  2.  Lil Monster   3.  Haven’t tried this Mixchief Monster Pudding yet, but I think the kiddos will like it!   4.  One Eyed Monster Treats  5.  Scrap Monster  6.  Monster Word Wallet


[Recycled Salt Monster]

[Tooth Brush Paintings] 

 [Countdown-to-Candy Pill Box]  Each compartment contains an EXERCISE activity and eraser treat.

  3.  Cereal Box HAPPY HOUSE (instead of HAUNTED HOUSE!)

[Monster Spoon Puppets]  Spray Paint + Black Sharpie  + Paint Sharpie Pen

[Magnetic Monster Puzzles]  Magnetic Tape + Pizza Tin + Shape Scraps!  Each puzzle pack creates a unique monster face.

[Film Canister Creatures]  Monstrous treats inside!