I’m back!!!!

copyright-katherine-marie-090114nI’m back!  I’m back!  My blog is fixed (I hope!)!  Did ya miss me?!  So much has happened since I’ve last shared with you!  I’ll never be able to fully catch up, but I’ll share some of our favorite summer highlights during the month of September.  The biggest, most exciting news, is that we bought a 150 year old farm house out in the county!  It’s been like waking to a dream we never knew we had!

And school starts tomorrow.  We now have a college freshman, forth grader, second grader and kindergartener in the family.  Yesterday a sweet friend surprised us with an ice cream party kit.  So here’s how we kicked off back to school—

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Ready. Set. GO!

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copyright-katherine-marie-052414copyright-katherine-marie-052414ecopyright-katherine-marie-052414f copyright-katherine-marie-052414g copyright-katherine-marie-052414d copyright-katherine-marie-052414b copyright-katherine-marie-052414cThe only bank in town where your teller just MIGHT be pant-less! hehe!



We are ready!


We are ready to TOSS the spring sweatshirts and winter jackets to the side.


We are ready to say good-bye to high school, 3rd grade, 1st grade and preschool.


We are ready to SLEEP IN! (every single day– I WISH!)


We are ready for bright and beautiful bursts of color!


We are ready for neighborhood bike rides.


We are ready to explore every inch of “our” woods.


We are ready for strawberry patches and fresh fruit at every meal!


We are ready for frog catchin’!!


We are ready to color outside the lines!

katherine-marie-copyright-239kWe are ready for summer!

Are you?


Pie Eating Contest

Kickin’ off summer with some messy fun!

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50 Fun Things To Do This Summer!

Our SUMMER FUN list is up and ready to go!! YAY!!!!  We still have 13 days of school left and we are already counting down the seconds until we can officially start celebrating.





50 Fun Things To Do This Summer!

1.  Host a Water Balloon Partay!

2.  Make a Prayer Journal

3.  Whip Cream Fight

4.  Read at the Park

5.  Picnic at Sunrise

6.  Camp Out in the Back Yard

7.  Shaving Cream Slip & Slide

8.  Paint by Bike

9.  Water Color Spray Paint Fight

10.  Mail Frisbees (and other fun stuff!)

11.  Operation Kindness Day

12.  Go Fly a Kite

13.  Family Sleepover in the Basement

14.  Ice Cream Soda Day  (visit an old-fashioned soda shop… make our own?!)

15.  Eat Dinner Blindfolded

16.  Paint by the Lake with Easels

17.  4-H Fair

18.  Wading at our favorite Creek

19.  Nighttime Family Pillow Fight

20.  Art Studio in a BOX

21.  Go to the Beach

22.  Camp K&K

23.  The Water Park!

24.  Try New Foods Day (everything you eat must be NEW!)

25.  Putt Putt

26.  Geo-catching (never tried this but it looks like so much fun)

27.  Sidewalk Chalk Party

28.  Make and Deliver Surprise H20 Fight

29.  Blindfolded Mystery Date

30.  Bakery Day  (Visit a new bakery and order ANYTHING you want!)

31.  Open an Adventure BOX

32.  Build a Cardboard Box Ice Cream Truck

33.  Wake-up EXTRA Early and Go out to BREAKFAST

34.  Secret Agent Day

35.  S’mores by our Fire Pit

36.  Paint with an Old Electric Toothbrush

37.  Read by Flashlight under the Stars

38.  Make an Outdoor Library

39.  Lemonade Stand

40.  Visit Cabellas

41.  Make a Super Duper Obstacle Course

42.  Make a Rocket Ship (and collect moon rocks!)

43.  Fly Swatter Art

44.  Messy Play Party

45.  Outside Breakfast (Pancakes on the Grill) Party

46.  Mud Kitchen

47.  Stay Up Late and Read by Candlelight on the Front Porch

48.  Go Hiking

49.  Paint By Slip & Slide

50.  Eat an Edible Flower


copyright-katherine-marie-05192014dHappy ALMOST Summer!