Grossology 2014

It’s a tradition!  For this dinner party only grossly disgusting foods are allowed on the menu!

  This year kept all our favorite classics and added few new fun ones…

copyright-katherine-marie-102014Cheddar Chex Mix looks almost exactly like Friskies Cat Treats!  Ewwwww!

copyright-katherine-marie-102014aThis was our favorite new edition this year!  DIRTY DISH WATER PUNCH! (Idea via HERE!) When you mix fizzy soda with green sherbert it makes realistic looking soapy bubbles.  I bought a new dish pan and accessories to make it ultra realistic. YUM!!! DRINK UP!

copyright-katherine-marie-102014bThe dog bones we super easy— Scooby Snacks of course!  I bought a brand new toilet seat cover for the commode cake!  Revolting!

copyright-katherine-marie-102014eThe the gross beyond gross winner were these DIRTY ASHTRAY CUPCAKES!  I never imagined that I’d find a use for those completely inappropriate candy cigarettes!  The “ashes” are just crushed double stuffed Oreo cookies.  Idea via Pinterest HERE!

copyright-katherine-marie-102014cThe tasty roundup!

I didn’t take a picture of the “kitty litter crunch” this year because, quite frankly, it looked too realistic.  We used spice cake as the base and melted Tootsie rolls for the cat droppings.  An official recipe– HERE!


Our new backyard dressed in Autumn

copyright-katherine-marie-101414e copyright-katherine-marie-101414f“No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face.”

John Donne

copyright-katherine-marie-101414c copyright-katherine-marie-101414g copyright-katherine-marie-101414m copyright-katherine-marie-101414n copyright-katherine-marie-101414ocopyright-katherine-marie-101414l copyright-katherine-marie-101414p copyright-katherine-marie-101414i copyright-katherine-marie-101414q copyright-katherine-marie-101414d “Delicious autumn!

My very soul is wedded to it,

and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth
seeking the successive autumns.”
George Eliot

copyright-katherine-marie-101414kcopyright-katherine-marie-101414t copyright-katherine-marie-101414h copyright-katherine-marie-101414b“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket

than all the other seasons.”

Jim Bishop

Smile File!

8 things that make me smile!  copyright-katherine-marie-100614kTheir enthusiasm for the FIRST DAY of school!

copyright-katherine-marie-100614jAfter school treats for “Talk Like a Pirate Day!”

copyright-katherine-marie-100614bHis freckles!

copyright-katherine-marie-100614hHot Diggity Dog Painting!!  (Ketchup and mustard paint, relish and diced onion paper pizazz and white glue mayo!) 

copyright-katherine-marie-100614g  copyright-katherine-marie-100614eMy new 1960’s tandem!!

copyright-katherine-marie-100614lBalloon Splat Monsters

copyright-katherine-marie-100614Her tender, kindhearted spirit.

copyright-katherine-marie-100614fFront row seats to His nightly masterpiece.


Move over snail-mail…

…it’s time for BAT-MAIL!

copyright-katherine-marie-100614c copyright katherine marie 100614 copyright-katherine-marie-100614a copyright-katherine-marie-100614b


Celebrating the letter I!

This year we will be celebrating each letter of the alphabet along with Blaise’s kindergarten class!  Their very first letter was you guessed it… Ii!!  copyright-katherine-marie-093014gI is for an Incredible Hulk lunch!

copyright-katherine-marie-093014f copyright-katherine-marie-093014eI is for inchworm and insect painting!

copyright-katherine-marie-093014aI is for interesting homework– the number inspector and itty-bitty ABCs (bubble wrap)!

copyright-katherine-marie-093014I is for the Incredible Hulk (again!) and Iguana (h/t Pinterest)


I is for how indescribably happy this little fella makes me!

copyright-katherine-marie-093014bI is for an incredibly icky snack menu!!!

1.  Imported Italian Icing

2.  Icky-Sticky Cake

3.  Inchworm Apples

4.  Insect Eyes (green cheese puffs)

5.  Insanely gross Iced Tea


What it means to be TWO.

copyright-katherine-marie-091014m copyright-katherine-marie-091014d copyright-katherine-marie-091014cIt means first thing in the morning you get straight to work.

copyright-katherine-marie-091014l copyright-katherine-marie-091014kIt means endless hours of tree gazing and swinging.

copyright-katherine-marie-091014j copyright-katherine-marie-091014iIt means…  “I DO IT! I DO IT!”

Absolutely no help accepted, no matter what the task.

copyright-katherine-marie-091014f copyright-katherine-marie-091014gIt means that a green swimming pool is always at your disposal!

copyright-katherine-marie-091014hIt means hard core exercise!

Running and jumping and risk taking are mandatory.

copyright-katherine-marie-091014nIt means unlimited kisses and tickles!


It means sometimes you only get to play a supporting role in “Beauty and the Beast.”


It means creating beautiful, priceless works of art.

copyright-katherine-marie-091014q copyright-katherine-marie-091014p

It means that simple things like books and puppies can bring unimaginable joy.

It means that every moment is sacred.

It means unpredictability, excitement and feeling scared.

It means life is amazing.



Pancakes, Pajamas and a Pillow Fight!

091414e 091414f 091414d 091414b 091414a 091414 091414cxoxoxox!!


copyright-katherine-marie-091014 copyright-katherine-marie-091014bSprinkles! Aren’t they grand?!